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Securum Consulting
Protect your assets before something happens.
Be prepared for when it does.Assess your risks
Secure your business

Create security protocols and establish systems to ensure resilience and quality of your daily operations.

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Keep your assets and employees safe

Effectively protect your property by adding security protocols to your environmental design and workplace procedures.

Assess security liabilities
Increase security awareness

Company’s security relies on every employee's ability to maintain information security, prevent workplace violence or react in case of an incident.

Increase security awareness

Use our experience to your advantage

Securum brings over a decade-long synergy of all aspects of corporate security and c-level managerial experience to every project.

Our unique perspective as a Master in Criminalistics allows a pragmatic and practical approach to daily business security, whatever your primary business orientation might be.

If you want your business to be secure as it grows and develops - talk to us.

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Outsourced security managers offer more value

According to research by Martin Gill and Charlotte Howell, 509 corporate security directors and managers agreed that organisation security is a measurable business-enhancing factor.

The same research states that security contractors / outsourced security professionals offer more value (i.e. deliver cost-efficient solutions)

Our clients have been known to agree.

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Security waits for no man

Most C- level managers do not think about potential security threats until something disastrous happens: a data leak, property damage or employee harm - all of which can be avoided with the timely set security protocols in place.

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Lay the foundation for consistent, reliable and predictable business operations

Business security identifies and manages any developments that may threaten the resilience and continued operation of an organisation and safety of its employees.

It is the practice of protecting employees and customers, physical property and information systems.

By conducting a corporate security risk assessment, organisations can ensure safe working practices for all employees and the business as a whole.

Best security practices are a competitive asset, not just cost.

To us security must make sense.

Security must count.

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